Traditional Carriage Houses

Our Chart Range of Carriage Houses combine the finest quality timber with excellence in craft and design. We make functional structures that look fantastic and last for years to come. Designed to be functional and practical, these prestigious structures provide workable storage and parking facilities while in keeping in the outdoor environment.

Standard Features

Pressure Treated Timber

All timber (internally and externally, excluding purlins) used in the build of our Carriage Houses has been pressure impregnated with a special wood preservative. This helps protect the wood against wood rot and degradation by insect attack.

Robust Timber Framing & Purlins

We use 100mm x 50mm (4” x 2”) pressure treated timber framing in the build of our Carriage Houses to provide long-lasting strength and durability. The building roof is supported by robust purlins measuring 125mm x 50mm (5” x 2”) and diagonal bracing at the corner sections where required.

Choice of Bay Width

You have a choice of two bay widths – 3.0m (10′) or 3.6m (12′) – ideal if you own wider vehicles.

Choice of Bay Depth

You can choose the exact depth of your building. As standard you can opt for a 5.4 m (18′) to 7.3m (24′) deep building. If you need something more specialist, please discuss with our design team.

Choice of Bay Height

As standard, Chart Carriage Houses come with an eaves height of 2.4m (8′ 1”). However, you can choose to increase that to 2.7m (9′) – ideal if you own taller vehicles.

Curved Bracing & Support Posts

Entrances feature timber frame support posts with curved bracing – providing an attractive bay entrance.

Guttering & Down-pipe

All Carriage Houses come with guttering and down-pipes fitted to the front and rear of the building as standard.

Breathable Wall Membrane

A breathable membrane to BBA standard is fitted between the studwork and exterior cladding. Various upgraded wall linings and insulation are available on request.

Roof Finish

Chart Carriage House roofs are fitted with black Onduline, underlined with 11mm OS roofing boards.

Optional Feature Upgrades

Below are the optional features available for the Chart Carriage House:

Custom Building Design

As a suggestion we do incorporate Garages, Stables, Office, Hobby Rooms or Gyms create a wide range of building designs.

Coloured Onduline or Felt

You can upgrade the standard black Onduline roof to a range of different colours (red, green or brown) or upgrade to Onduvilla tiles (red, brown or grey) or felt tiles (red, green, brown or grey).

Doors & Windows

You can also choose to have double doors and windows included in your building design.

  Chart Range Chart Range
Main Features Optional Extras
Structure Pressure treated timbers externally and internally (not including roof purlins)
2.4m (8’ 1”) to eaves height
Increased eaves height to 2.7m
Framing 100mm x 50mm (4” x 2”) prepared timber framing
Linings & Insulation An eco-breather membrane is placed between the studwork and exterior cladding Selection of internal insulation and lining
Entrances 150mm x 150mm (6” x 6”) pressure treated support posts and curved bracing Oak ‘framed’ entrances
Guttering Guttering and downpipes
Roof Board and Onduline roof
125mm x 50mm (5” x 2”) roof purlins
Onduvilla tiles: red, brown or grey
Coloured felt tiles: red, green, brown or grey
Staddle Stones Not included as standard Staddle stones available