Roller Shutter Garage Doors: Pros And Cons

We look at the pros and cons of roller shutter doors as garage doors to help you decide whether they’re for you.
Roller Shutter Garage Doors: Pros And Cons

Roller shutters are a great door choice for timber garages, carriage houses, and oak framed garages alike. Most of these are usually finished with double barn-style garage doors to complete their traditional look. That’s because these tend to come as a standard option.

However, more and more people are interested in roller shutter garage doors these days, thanks to their practicality.

In this article, we look at the pros and cons of roller shutters to help you decide whether they’re for you.

Advantages Of Roller Shutter Garage Doors

Roller shutter doors are made of a number of horizontal slats hinged together. They roll up and down to open and close. Their unique structure makes them tough and durable.

Below you’ll find the main benefits of mounting roller shutter doors on your timber outbuilding.

Increased Security

While you can easily add a big padlock to double barn doors, roller shutters are much safer. As they’re built of tough and durable materials, they’re sturdier than wooden doors. They’re also harder to break into and damage. This means they can protect your vehicle and anything else you store in your garage or outbuilding from burglars and the elements, including big wind storms.

Greater Noise Reduction

Roller shutters can reduce outdoor noise from entering your timber building by up to 60 percent. If you plan to use your garage or carriage house as a hobby room, a workshop, or a studio this is a big advantage.

Better Insulation

When shut and locked properly, roller shutters help keep your timber building warm or cool, depending on the season. This is a big benefit for electric car users, as the batteries of EVs are more energy-efficient when they stay at an optimal temperature. A well-insulated garage can increase the range of your car.

Improved Convenience

If you install electric roller shutters, getting into your garage becomes a lot more convenient. Rather than having to step out of your car, you can simply open the doors with a remote control from the comfort of your vehicle and drive in. This might seem like a small advantage, but it’s one that feels priceless on frosty winter mornings and evenings.

Disadvantages of roller shutter garage doors

There are a few drawbacks to roller shutter garage doors, none of which are a deal-breaker. They’re rather compromises.


Most roller shutters don’t look very traditional and this can put some people off. However, they can be installed in a discreet manner. For example, Olson Timber Building carriage houses are built so that the bracing stays on the outside and the door is recessed behind the posts. This greatly improves the look of the final product. It’s the perfect compromise between convenience and aesthetics.

Deep Cleaning Is Time-Consuming

The horizontal slats that make up roller shutter doors can be awkward to deep clean. Hosing them down occasionally can keep them looking good; however a thorough clean involves carefully going through every single slat. Just bear in mind you’ll need to dedicate an hour or so to deep clean your shutters once a year or so.


Fixing roller shutters can be rather complicated. In case of a malfunction, you will likely need to call an electrician. However, you could learn how to look after them in order to prevent breakdowns. Choosing a good quality roller shutter is essential.

So Is A Roller Garage Door Worth It?

As we’ve seen above, there are many advantages to installing roller shutters on your timber garage. Convenience, increased security, noise reduction, and better insulation are things you will benefit from on a daily basis.

On the other hand, deep cleaning and maintenance aren’t required very often and it’s easy to make a compromise on the aesthetics.

For these reasons, a roller garage door is a great option for a timber building.

Common Questions About Roller Garage Doors

Below we will answer some of the most common queries people have about roller shutters.

Do Roller Garage Doors Need Electricity?

Yes and no. Roller shutter garage doors can be electric or manual.

If you choose electric shutters, you will need to either connect your garage to the mains, or install a solar power system to operate them. Once the doors are in place and wired in, you will be able to open and close them through a remote control.

Manual shutters can be raised and closed using a cord or a winder handle. You will need to step out of your vehicle to use them.

Which Type Of Rolling Shutter Is Best?

A heavy-duty roller shutter made of steel offers maximum security, noise reduction, and insulation. Choose electric roller garage doors for convenience of use.

However, price is a big factor. Select the materials based on how you will use your timber building and what you store in it. If you don’t own an electric car and live in a rural area with a low crime rate and without much noise pollution, you can opt for a lighter door.

Are Roller Doors Noisy?

They can be, if they move along metal tracks. If this is a problem for you, opt for nylon rolling shutters: these are quieter and less prone to malfunctioning.

How Long Do Roller Doors Last?

On average, anywhere between 20 and 30 years, if you maintain them adequately. Make sure to ask the installer how to take care of them to extend their lifespan.

If you’re thinking of installing roller garage doors on your Chart garage, carriage house, or oak framed garage, make sure to mention it when you place your order with us. The structure of the building needs to be altered slightly to accommodate them.

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Roller Shutter Garage Doors: Pros And Cons

Roller Shutter Garage Doors: Pros And Cons

We look at the pros and cons of roller shutter doors as garage doors to help you decide whether they’re for you.
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