Does it cost more to build a bespoke garage?

Building a bespoke garage doesn’t have to be expensive. Plan the design in advance and round up your measurements for a cost-effective solution, working with in-house design teams to optimise your garage design can save a lot of money.
Does it cost more to build a bespoke garage?

Bespoke Garage: Is It More Expensive?

Many building contractors only offer standard plans for timber garages. So it is natural to wonder if a bespoke garage is more costly. 

The truth is that modular designs are time and resource-efficient. The whole process - from ordering supplies to transporting and erecting the building - is streamlined. Moreover, the detailed plans typical of these designs allow for no wastage of materials. This is why several companies only offer this type of service.Building a fully bespoke wooden garage can indeed become expensive, especially if you want to pick and choose every detail and you ask for specific, non-standard sizing.However, cleverly-designed bespoke garages can cost as little as standard ones. There are several ways to keep them economical while creating a design which suits your property and needs. 

At Chart Garages, we specialise in helping our customers balance outstanding bespoke features and affordable prices.

A bespoke wooden garage and store building

How Do You Keep The Price Of A Bespoke Garage Low?

Let’s look at how you can keep the price of a bespoke garage economical. 

Plan The Design In Advance

Structural alterations can have a knock-on effect on a building’s integrity. Adding windows or doors after the garage has been erected means building extra supports or bracing. So a small modification can become rather expensive. It is crucial you make sure you include all the features you require in your final design before confirming an order. Take some time before you make a decision: it is worth spending a good amount of time on the planning, as the right design will help you avoid making costly modifications in the future.

Choose Extras Already On Offer

Extra features which are offered as options typically cost less than unique ones, which need to be ordered from a different supplier. At Chart Garages, for example, we offer personal and double doors, six types of  windows, six types of roofing materials, ply lining, insulation and much more. Any unique features you may want to include in your design will increase the final price, of course. However, you can consider whether each of these is worth the additional expense. 

Ply lining is more cost effective when using full size ply sheets

Adapt Your Design To Standard Timber Lengths

All builders and contractors have to work with standard timber lengths, as sawmills in the UK only provide these. If you match the size of your outbuilding with these, you will obtain a more cost-effective garage. Wooden garages use both timber cladding and structural timbers, both of which use the timber at set lengths as raw materials. Therefore, opting for a size which matches one or two of these measurements (for example 2.4m + 3.0m = 5.4m) will allow you to make the most out of the timber. You will essentially pay only for the wood used for the construction of your building.

Avoiding wastage will allow you to save on money and to build your wooden garage in a more sustainable way. Speaking to a member of the Chart team can really make a difference here, it can sometimes be that 0.5m one way or the other brings in a large amount of wastage pushing up the cost un-necessarily, all our quotes are free so there is no cost.

A building will use both cladding and framing so knowledge of standard sizing of both types of timber helps minimise wastage

So Are Bespoke Garages More Expensive?

Not necessarily. Accurate planning and small compromises make building a bespoke timber garage a cost-effective option. At Chart Garages, every timber building we erect is effectively bespoke at no additional cost. When you create your quote, you can choose the exact size and layout of the building, as well as add extra windows or doors, and choose open or enclosed bays. On top of this, you can choose your preferred cladding type, pick between three roofing choices, and more. Providing us with a detailed list of requirements early on means we can design the garage around the features you choose, making it a sturdy and durable building which will not need any alterations in the future. 

If you already have plans, you can send these directly to us, so we can work to adapt them to our offering. Alternatively start by building a quote online here.

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