Triple Garage

A triple bay wooden garage for up to three cars provides flexible garaging and workshop space.
Triple Garage
Triple Garage

Wooden 3 Bay Garage

Designed for three cars or providing space for two cars with a workshop or gym, a triple wooden garage measuring 30' x 18' (9.1m x 5.4m) is a great value and flexible garaging option. If you have existing plans, we can build to your design, or work with you to create your perfect triple wooden garage. All of our wooden garages are built to order in our workshops. If space is an issue we also offer a double wooden garage, a single wooden garage or a range of other sizes and configurations to fit any size car and include space for storage or workshop. Explore our range of timber garages and all the features we offer.

We offer several garage specifications, Clipper, Chart and Chester, to suit all budgets and requirements, as well as a number of different options. Include additional doors and windows, choose a roofing type and add internal lining and dividing partition walls to create separate spaces.

Triple Wooden Garage

Clipper Garage

A robust wooden garage, the Clipper brings quality without complication and fuss. Made from pressure treated timber, breathable membrane and OSB roof lining this garage is exceptional value for money.

  • Pressure treated 75mm x 50mm timber framing.
  • Black Onduline roof sheeting underlined with OS roofing boards.
  • 100mm x 50mm (4” x 2”) roof purlins.
  • Pressure treated 100mm x 50mm roof purlin system.
  • 16mm pressure treated shiplap exterior cladding (approx 12mm finished size)
  • 2134mm (w) double doors faced with shiplap cladding.
  • Lined to eaves throughout with an eco-breathable membrane.
Chart Garage

The perfect combination of durability quality and a few style tweaks, the Chart wooden garage includes some important step-ups in specification. More heavyweight framing, guttering, a side door and increased size entrance door are all standard.

  • Pressure-treated 100mm x 50mm timber framing.
  • 2235mm standard eaves height.
  • 2286mm (w) framed double doors faced with shiplap cladding with rim lock.
  • 838mm (w) personal door faced with shiplap cladding
  • Black Onduline roof sheeting underlined with OS roofing boards.
  • 125mm x 50mm pressure treated roof purlin system.
  • Half-round 100mm black guttering to front and rear elevations.
  • Shiplap exterior cladding.
  • OS roofing boards covering 125mm x 50mm (5” x 2”) roof purlins.
  • 100mm overhang to each gable end.
Chester Garage

A premium timber garage, the Chester wooden garage introduces a higher eaves and ridge height (making a steeper angled roof), upgraded Onduvilla light-weight roof tiles, sofits and fascias, thicker exterior timber cladding and engineered roof trusses built to building standards. The end result is a timeless stunning garage.

  • Extra thick exterior cladding (Ex 19mm Shiplap)
  • Increased eaves height and ridge height (22.5° pitch)
  • Soffits and fascias included as standard.
  • Guttering to front and rear elevations.
  • 22.5° roof pitch with black/shaded red/shaded brown Onduvilla lightweight tiles underlined with OS roofing boards.
  • BS standard roof trusses.
  • Both double doors and personal door stand in own frame with rim locks
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