Roller Doors

Monday, 31 July 2017


Sectional and Roller Doors

We often receive requests for sectional or roller doors to be fitted to the front of our Garages or behind the curved bracing of our Carriage Houses. We will always work with our customers to ensure their building’s design allows for these to be retro-fitted by a supplier.

So what are the benefits of installing these into your timber building?

Well, not only are they secure and practical, but they are lightweight and available in a diverse selection of styles and materials. They don’t require the large swing area of double doors or ‘up and overs’, meaning there is no loss of space to the front, and their electrical requirements are minimal. In fact, they need no more than a standard 3 pin plug and use the same power as a radio or kettle.

Their benefits are substantial, especially in the depths of winter when you can open the electric doors from behind your kitchen window or inside your car, rather than while stood getting wet in the rain!

The design of sectional doors allows them to glide up on two runners and rest horizontally beneath the roof structure, while roller doors rise and fold into a shutter box installed above and behind the door opening. Either design can be compatible with our timber buildings, particularly when the door opening is 3 meters wide or more, so if you would like to consider sectional or roller doors then please call our team on 01233 229898 to discuss further.

Roller Doors