Flat Roof

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

For both our Garage and Workshop ranges we have seen a recent increase in demand for nearly flat roof designs. So what is it that’s making this style a popular choice?

It seems the answer partly involves increasingly stringent planning permission regulations that are likely to affect those wishing to add this type of building to their properties grounds. This is because installation of a Garage or Workshop to the rear or side of a garden will often mean a boundary line will be in close proximity, which becomes an issue when planning regulations dictate a maximum height of 2.4 meters for a building within 1 or 2 meters of any boundary. Working within these height restrictions makes a traditional apex designed roof impractical, due to the lack of internal head room when a building with a lowered height is built with a sloped roof. The nearly flat roof option has therefore become a perfect solution to this rather tricky problem.

With just a 2° graduation from the highest side of the roof to the lowest these buildings can stay below the maximum height restrictions while retaining that all important internal space for storage and allowing you free movement around the inside of your timber building.

So if you had thought height restrictions had ended your hopes of adding a Garage or Workshop to your back garden then think again and give us a call on 01233 229898 to ask our team about our nearly flat roof options.