The Clipper Range Garage has been tailored for the tighter budget without compromising on quality. These Wooden Garages are robust, timber framed structures that offer excellent value for money. They include pressure treated timbers and black Onduline roof sheeting.

Standard Features

Pressure Treated Timber

All internal and external timber used in the building is pressure-treated for longevity (excluding roof purlins) using Tanalith E™. This is a specialist preservative impregnated into the wood before construction that helps avoid fungal decay, wood rot and insect attack.

Strong Timber Framing

We use 75mm x 50mm (3” x 2”) timber framing with diagonal bracing at the corners in our garage construction to provide strength and durability.

Shiplap or Weatherboard Cladding

Shiplap cladding is fitted as standard, but you can swap to a more rustic Weatherboard. You can subsequently choose to colour stain your timber garage or leave it to mellow with age.

Inclusive Garage Doors

Double doors are framed, ledged and braced, faced with Shiplap, lined with an eco-breather membrane between the framing and exterior cladding. Doors are hung on adjustable hook and band hinges. Double doors are 2.1m wide x 2.082m high (7’ x 6’ 10”), as standard.

Breathable Membrane

A breathable membrane to BBA standard is fitted between the stud work and exterior cladding. Various upgraded wall linings and insulation are available on request.

Optional Features

The following features are available as optional extras for this particular range:

Include Windows & Personal Doors

A wide choice of single and double glazed windows is available. Additional personal doors or French Doors can be included in your preferred design of building. See our brochure for the full range available.


Insulation and lining can be supplied for your Garage. This can be particularly useful if you intend to adapt part of your building into an Office or Store Room.

Roofing Options

As standard, Clipper Garage roofs come fitted with black Onduline, however, you can choose to upgrade to a different colour (red, green or brown) or 38kg green mineral felt.

  Clipper Range Clipper Range
Main Features Optional Extras
Structure Pressure treated timbers externally and internally (not including roof purlins)

2.2m (7’ 4”) to eaves height
Framing 75mm x 50mm (3” x 2”) prepared timber framing
Linings & Insulation An eco-breather membrane is placed between the studwork and exterior cladding Insulation available
Doors & Frames 2.1m (7’) wide timber double doors, framed, ledged and braced Personal doors
Windows Not included as standard A range of single or double glazed windows
Guttering Not included as standard Guttering and downpipes
Cladding Pressure treated Ex 16mm x 150mm Shiplap cladding Weatherboard
Roof Black Onduline roof underlined with 11mm OS Board supported by 100mm x 50mm roof purlins 38kg green mineral felt

Red, green or brown Onduline