Specify Clay or Slate Tiles as a Preferred Finish

Chart Garages has for many years been offering enhance/strengthened structures to support clay tiles, slate and other more expensive roof finishes, to be in keeping with the environment the Garage is going in.

Each Garage or Carriage House roof that is to take clay or slate tiles is specifically designed and made by our contracted specialist truss manufacturer to ensure the trusses meet the required BS5268 Part 2 2002, Part 3 2006, BS6399 Part 1 1996 and Part 2 1997.

As Standard Our Chester Range of Garages and Carriage Houses already incorporate these specialist roof trusses, wind bracing and metalwork and both the eaves and apex heights are increased accordingly.

The Pitch of the Roof is increased to accommodate your preferred tile or slate finish. This pitch will vary from 25ᵒ which is the norm for a slate tiled finish up to 35ᵒ for most commercial clay tiles.  We do not manufacture two storey buildings.

The Design of the Roof in most instances will be a straight gable to gable. We do however also offer two further options; a Hip End to either one or more gable ends which give an acute angle to the roof and something called a Barn Hip.  Either design is usually requested to be in keeping with that of a main property.

We Do However Recommend checking with your local Planning Authority if there are restrictions on the overall height of your Garage or Carriage House that you would not be permitted to exceed before embarking on your project.