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Timber Garage Roof Styles

Friday, 29 May 2015

The beauty of buying your wooden garages or carriage house from Chart Garages is the flexibility of design. We create timber buildings in your own image with a number of customisable design features.

A popular feature to customise when designing timber garages is the roof. Not only can you modify the material used to cover your roof, but you can also decide between a number of roofing styles that each add different character to the finished product.

Gable End Roof

The most popular style of timber garage roof is a gable end. It is a very simple construction of two roofing surfaces joined at a ridge line somewhere in the middle of the structure. This creates a triangular end wall extension where the exterior cladding meets at the tip. Our timber garage designs come with a gable roof style as standard as it is strong, easy to construct and very effective at draining rainwater/snow etc into the guttering.

Timber Garage Gable End Roof

There are a couple of variations on gable end roofs that we have built for customers in the past. For example, the pictures below show a timber carriage house with an L-shape gable and a timber garage with a T-shape extension. This is where one part of the structure protrudes out further at one end/in the middle but the same roofing sheet is used as a continuation at the same angle.

Carriage House With L-Shaped Gable

Timber Garage With T-Shaped Extension

The gable end roof allows for a certain amount of flexibility in design as we can also increase the roof pitch. Our Chester Range of timber garages allows you to alter the height of your roof for some truly prestigious effects like in the example below.

Timber Garage With Increased Roof Pitch

We can also offer design variations on the traditional gable end roof style, like the introduction of a canopy. In the example below, the customer opted to have the roof extend out further at the front for a sheltered feature to the garage door. Another variation on the gable end roof includes a mono design. This is where the angles of roof pitch differ, and naturally one side will be steeper than the other. This creates an asymmetrical design that adds a little more character to your structure.

Timber Garage Gable Style Roof With Canopy

Carriage House With Mono-Style Gable Roof

Hipped End Roof

Some timber garage customers opt for the slightly more distinctive hipped end roof design. This is where the roof slopes back from each of the four sides but still joins at a ridge in the middle of the structure. In this instance there are no vertical roof ends to the building and the exterior cladding joins the roof at a horizontal angle.

Hipped Roof Style Wooden Garage

Similar to our gable end roofs, the pitch of the hip bevel on Chart Timber Buildings garage can be determined by the customer. You can choose from shallow or steep pitches that each provide a different aesthetic. This provides a more interesting roof style and is still relatively easy to build.

There are several variations on a hipped end roof that we are also able to offer. The examples below show a pavilion style roof and a barn hip roof. In the pavilion, or pyramidal style, the hips meet at a single point. In a barn hip roof, there are short sloping sides to the end gable that cut off the vertical join. This provides a unique roof finish that offers a distinctive design and feel.

Carriage House With Barn Hip Roof

Choosing Your Roof Style

The design of your roof style is entirely a personal decision/preference. You might want to browse our galleries of previous designs to get a feel for what you like, or talk to our staff about what other variations are available. We are always keen to discuss new ideas and will happily advise you on what may or may not be possible. Please be aware, however, that there may be cost implications with the different styles as construction time and materials needed will vary.

For more examples of different roof styles we have built for existing customers head over to the timber garage or carriage house overview pages and browse through the galleries.

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