Choose Your Preferred Finish

Thursday, 17 July 2014

One of the many customisations offered by Chart Garages¬†in the design of our timber garages is cladding type. As standard, both our Chart Range and Chester Range of timber garages offer you the option to choose between either Shiplap or Weatherboard cladding, or for an extra cost, you can upgrade your garage cladding to Loglap. Each cladding type has it’s own aesthetic qualities. Below we list an overview of each cladding type you are able to choose from.


shiplapShiplap is a planed timber/wooden board that gives a popular smooth finish to the outside of our timber garages. Shiplap panels are designed and profiled with a grove effect that allows the boards to overlap one another. They slot together seamlessly and provide shadow line effects as well as excellent protection from the weather. The nature of the design also allows for slight dimensional movement making the structure more robust to the forces and nature and general wear and tear.

Other benefits of shiplap include aesthetic look and versatility. The general look and feel of Shiplap offers a natural appearance that many customers like and because it is extremely versatile, it can be installed vertically as well as horizontally. Whilst a horizontal design is more traditionally used, vertical installation works just as well and can offer a completely different aesthetic quality to your garage. We offer Shiplap in two profile sizes; 16mm x 150mm or 19mm x 125mm.


weatherboardWeatherboard is a sawn tapered, overlapping board that we offer as an alternative to Shiplap. It does not feature the same grove effect profile as Shiplap, rather the boards are just overlaid on top of one another it a more traditional, rustic style/design. The boards are plained to a wedge shape achieved by sawing one thicker board in half diagonally. When laid out, the thicker edge at the bottom overlaps the thin edge of the previous board.

Weatherboard is a cladding popularly found on sheds and garden structures, but can offer a lovely rustic quality. Once installed it is also extremely low maintenance as it is highly resistant to rot and insects and, if damaged, boards can be easily replaced. Chart also offers it in two different dimensions – 22mm x 15mm or a slightly thicker 32mm x 175mm.


loglapLoglap is an additional timber cladding style we offer for an additional fee. Loglap is a planed rebated board that provides an aesthetically pleasing log cabin effect. It is only available in a 22mm x 100mm profile but it’s rounded design looks great on all timber garage designs. The panels are cut in a similar grove effect to Shiplap where each panel is overlaid onto the one above it. The lap design allows for natural movements of the timber without affecting its performance as a weatherproof barrier.

Loglap is a popular choice of cladding for customers who want to achieve a more professional finish to their timber garage or conversion. Like all our cladding, the timber is pressure-treated and can be left to weather or be stained to a colour of the customer’s choice. As mentioned, Loglap cladding costs extra to include in your timber garage design. For an accurate quote, please contact one of our sales representatives on 01233 611123 or email enquiries@charttimberbuildings.co.uk.