Workshop Modification

Keeping Your Fleet In Pristine Condition

Friday, 19 December 2014

For many classic, or expensive sports car owners, keeping their pride and joy in pristine condition can be a priority.

Left exposed to the elements, cars can be susceptible to damage caused by wind, rain and animals. And typically, the more expensive the car, the more expensive the repairs.

Not only that, but it is often good practice to keep your vehicles sheltered from prying eyes and opportunistic thieves.

Chart offers a number of timber building products suitable for classic or sports car enthusiasts that can help protect their vehicles year round, and allow them enjoy them with peace of mind.

Wooden Garages

Timber Garage Gable End Roof

One of our most popular products are our timber garages. Built to high exacting standards, our garages are made from pressure-treated timber and with the option of adding extra insulation to your garage walls, you can create a warm, dry storage environment for your vehicles.

With dimensions ranging from 5.4m deep x 3.0m wide, to 14.6m deep x 7.2m wide, there is plenty of choice available. Indeed, our multi-bay garages make a great cost effective and secure option for sheltering a whole fleet of cars.

The customisable nature of our products also means you can add additional features like double glazed windows, cedar shingle roof tiles or up and over style garage doors for a real value adding structure to your home and garden.

Carriage Houses

Triple Bay Carriage House

If you like the idea of having your classic cars on show, but with the benefit of shelter, then why not opt for one of our carriage houses. Available in two ranges, these highly versatile structures are a fantastic way to show off your fleet and make coming and going easy.

Again, these are customisable solutions, with a multitude of dimensions to choose from. Our standards models range from a single bay up to three bay designs, but if you have something special in mind, we can work with you to design something bespoke.

Our Chester Range carriage houses offer you the choice of enhanced features like oak framed curved bracing and increased roof pitches for something truly prestigious that will make your friends and neighbours jealous.

Combination Units

Chart Carriage House

The beauty of buying your timber building with Chart is that you can design the building of your dreams. You don’t have to work off the existing template, although many people do due to cost and efficiency, but there is real flexibility available to you.

A popular option for classic car owners is to attach a garage workshop to the side of their carriage house so they can work on repairs and have an easy through-fair to their tools and workstation. You could even opt for a carriage house/garage hybrid design – one half carriage house, one half garage. This can be especially handy if the weather turns bad, or you’d like to keep your car in storage for a while.

There are a multitude of possibilities available to you, so don’t be afraid to ask. We’ve been building timber garages and carriage houses for over 25 years so have the experience to help with whatever questions you might have.

For ideas about pricing and pre-existing dimensions, download a brochure today or call our sales line on 0800 085 2937 and speak to one of our representatives.